Toddler Breaks-Up With Imaginary Boyfriend Over McDonald’s Meal

Caters_News Published November 27, 2017 1,383 Plays

Rumble A toddler girl was having anything but a Happy Meal when she confronted her boyfriend over the phone about having McDonald’s with another girl! Mica Klaasse is preparing herself for future heartache in this hilarious showdown.

She is just two, yet Mica is already having a ‘break-up’ with her boyfriend. Her Mom Jennifer, who works as a general manager in Vancouver, Canada, had just enough time to grab her camera and get it rolling, before she started giggling at her daughter’s angry <a href="" target="_blank">debate</a>.

Furious at ‘Marshie’ for taking another girl to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal without her, Mica shouts down the phone that she is breaking up with him. She even goes so far as to make her ‘boyfriend’ cry, before giving the story a fairy tale ending and getting back together.

Jennifer said: “We have been taking videos of Mica since she was born and she loves it. Every morning she gets up and asks us to make videos. She is a real actress and is really funny.

“She made up everything in the video and the boyfriend she refers to is a friend she normally goes on playdates with. His name is Marshall but she calls him Marshie."

It would seem that playdate Marshie will me met with a whopper of trouble if he did ever take another girl to McDonalds instead of sweet Mica. Beware!