Chilling Footage Shows Huge Great White Sharks Taking Bait

Newsflare Published November 26, 2017 6,135 Plays

Rumble This amazing, yet blood-freezing footage shows not one, not two, but three great white sharks taking the bait in Gansbaai, South Africa on Saturday, November 25.

Recently there have been very few sightings of great whites in Gansbaai due to the presence of orcas in the area. Fun fact: orcas are the only species which kills and eats great whites.

These types of footage are usually made with the intent to research and understand the behavior of these predators in their natural habitat. Experts tow a piece of bait for the sharks to sense in the water and lure them to the boat. <a href="" target="_blank">Cage divers</a> use the same technique to attract the beasts closer.

Gansbaai is the capital of <a href="" target="_blank">Great White Sharks</a> in the world with a population estimated of around 1,500 sharks. The sharks move constantly up and down the coastline and some travel very far up to Mozambique and Madagascar. Some travel extreme distances but it is clearly evident that the majority of the time most of the Great White Sharks swim in the waters around Gansbaai.

The reason why so many Great White Sharks are around Gansbaai is due to the abundance of energy rich food in Shark Alley, a small channel of water passing between Geyser Rock and Dyer Island. Geyser rock is home to 60,000 a huge colony of Cape fur seals and the majority of the seals choose to stay on the lee of the Island away from the open sea in the sheltered waters between the Islands.