Man Tries To Pay Parking Fine In 5 And 10 Cent Pieces

NewsflarePublished: November 25, 2017158 views
Published: November 25, 2017

Most drivers on this planet have been faced with the pain that is paying for a traffic ticket at least once in their career as operators of a motor vehicle. Guilty or innocent, it don’t matter - getting a ticket will undoubtedly fill you with boiling, red-hot rage. One man from Adelaide, Australia felt that scorch on his very own hide, so he decided to pay back his penalty sprinkled with some good, old-fashioned petty revenge.

First, he visits his local bank to get a change for his 60 AUD ticket, all in 5 and 10 cent pieces. He opens the packs which the bundles of 10 pieces come in and pours them in a cloth bag. Off to the local council building he goes.

There, the unnamed man empties the large bag of coins on the counter of the local council office and slides them onto the cashier's desk. “Cash alright?" he asks smugly. The two astonished employees at the cashier’s desk had to pick up the metal coins as they rolled on their floor, repeating to the man that this is not an acceptable means of payment. The irate man just leaves them like that and walks out saying "I'm paid, I'm out."

A council spokesperson confirmed to Australian news website that the money could not be used to pay the fine and was being held in their safe.

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