Little Girl Brought To Tears With Baby Sister News

Published November 24, 2017 6,518 Plays

Rumble / Priceless MomentsSure, siblings can be a pain sometimes, but at one point, every kid in the world has wished for a baby brother or sister at some point in their childhood. And why wouldn’t they - having a sibling means that you will have a best friend for life and you will never be alone!

Growing up with a brother or sister is never a bad thing, because the lessons they can teach us can’t be found in any schoolbook or classroom. Not to mention the part about having a partner in crime for always and forever!

This girl has certainly lived long enough without a sibling and she definitely wants one. So, after so many long years living alone with just mom and dad, her parents call her in to show her something very special.

She probably imagined something in a box or in the back yard, but they sat her on the sofa and gave her a clip to watch on mom’s phone. The kid has no idea what she’s watching - it’s a video of a computer screen somewhere, the picture on the monitor is like a black blob inside a bigger, white blob and a beeping sound appears on regular intervals.

“I don’t know, what is this?" she asks, with a quizzical brow expression on her face. “That’s either your baby brother or sister" mom tells her and the girl’s jaw drops. With all the baby announcements we’ve seen, this girl handled it pretty well. The tears welling up in her eyes say it all.