Firefighters Rescue Dog From Hole In The Ground, After An Unusual Chase

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Published: November 24, 2017

It is a story that you have to see happen to believe it. A dog wouldn't come out after chasing a cat into a tunnel dug by a giant tortoise in the backyard of a home in a Chandler, a suburb in Phoenix, so homeowner Toby Passmore called for help.

Ruben the dog got <a href="" target="_blank">stuck</a> after chasing a cat into a tunnel dug by a fellow pet, Scully the tortoise. The tunnel was so deep, city workers had to use a backhoe and lots of encouragement to free the pup.

Chandler firefighters responded on Wednesday, November 22 with people and shovels and, with the help of a city backhoe, began unearthing the 6-foot-deep tunnel dug by Passmore's tortoise. That allowed Passmore to squirm head-first into the hole and see that his Scottish <a href="" target="_blank">Schnauzer</a> went inside that hole on his own free will, where it had cornered the cat.

With his ankles held by firefighters, Passmore was able to pull the dog out. The otherwise gorgeous Schnauzer emerged from the tunnel covered in dirt and mud, but otherwise unharmed. The feline member of the family, however, didn’t yet feel compelled to leave the safety of that tunnel just yet.

The rescuers left the hole open to allow the cat to leave when it felt safe.

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