Man Performs Endless Number Of Backflips, Resembling A Spinning Wheel

NewsflarePublished: November 24, 20172,006 views
Published: November 24, 2017

An amazing video has emerged from a Turkish resort of Alanya featuring a man performing over a dozen consecutive backflips on a beach at impressively high speed.

Starting a conversation with someone you think is cute can be a daunting anxiety-ridden task for some people. Instead, the talented man in this amusing video decided to indirectly flirt with girls, by showing off his backflipping skills on a sunny beach in Turkey.

In the video, filmed sometime during the summer of 2013, the talented man first does a series of flips while moving along the beach in front of bathers, reclining on sun loungers. He then repeats the stunt with remarkable speed while staying stationary on the beach. Wow!

We can call this impressive acrobat the ‘spinner guy’, because judging by his impeccable skills, he is the king of backflips. His skills are so amazing that he can easily do over a dozen aerial flips in just a few seconds without getting dizzy. He is a human spinning wheel!

Moreover, the speed of this stuntman's mind-blowing acrobatics is so incredibly fast that it is hard to believe this footage hasn't been accelerated by editing tools. You wouldn't want to get in his way when he is flipping mid-air because you might get hurt!

The man is seen spinning like a windmill in the hot sand, as onlookers look and cheer in awe.
This Romeo doesn’t have to walk up to girls lying on the beach in order to be noticed. He just need to break out a nice Casanova move by jumping into endless number of backflips!

There is no doubt that this man's impressive acrobatic skills will impress more than just one sunbathing Juliet, given the fact that a lot of people on the beach are giving him the stare and seem to be both surprised and impressed by his skills.


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