Villagers pull out camel from ‘haunted’ well

NewsflarePublished: November 24, 2017
Published: November 24, 2017

A camel that fell into a 50-feet well in a village near Pali in North India, had to wait for three days to be rescued.

The well, which was outside the village, was not in use. It also had the reputation of being haunted.

Standing in knee-deep dirty water, the camel bleated in distress. Its panicked cries, which rose out of the deep well, was reportedly heard by a few farmers.

Brijesh Sharma of Pali said, “They decided to keep a safe distance thinking the well was haunted.”

It was only after three days, one of them mentioned the cries during a gossip in the village. A group of men decided to investigate the claim.

To their surprise they found a camel in the depths of the well - silent, exhausted and still standing – instead of a ghost.

They summoned a crane, harnessed the animal to it and pulled it out safely.

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