Good Samaritan Confronts Mother Moose To Rescue Calf Stuck In Fence

NewsflarePublished: November 24, 20174,130 views
Published: November 24, 2017

A remarkable video has emerged of a Canadian man rescuing a moose calf stuck on a fence. Footage shows the troublesome mission that this Good Samaritan had to pass in order to save a baby moose stuck in a fence, and confront moose’s charging mother in the process.

A Good Samaritan heard the cry for help he decided to help the baby moose in need even if that meant confronting with his angry mother. The man had to brave up and step in to try and untangle the baby moose who was crying for help after getting stuck in a barbed wire fence.

When this man was driving he saw the moose calf with its leg caught in the fence so he decided to pull over and help the animal in need. However, mother moose was lurking at her calf and went attack mode at the man, the moment he dared to get closer to the crying baby moose. He knew that the fence was not enough to protect him from the moose cow, so he had to scare her off in order to get to help the moose calf.

Footage, captured on May 1 near Edmonton, shows the mother moose running off after Joel scared her in order to help out the calf with its hind leg twisted in the barbed wires. Joel takes this opportunity to come close to the calf and manages to free the little one and set him free.

Moments later, mother and calf can be seen running into the forest and into freedom. Let’s hope they won’t get near the barbed wire fence again!

Of course, it took a bit of trying because the wires were tight, but after several attempts, the man was able to free the calf and give it a push to freedom. Luckily, the wire had not cut through the skin so despite from being a little sore, the calf was fine and able to run. Great job Joel!

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