Driver Miscalculates Hill, Flips His Jeep Over

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Published: November 23, 2017

Jeeps are made to conquer difficult terrain with ease, right? With their four-wheel drive, the heavy frame and huge wheels, jeeps should be able to go over mud, water, snow and ice like it is a walk in the park.

Well, it would seem that the jeep is only as good as the driver behind the steering wheel. A bunch of guys in what we assume is a remote location in Romania wait on top of a hill, lightly covered in snow. The powder wasn’t enough to cover the whole ground, so the rest of the hill is basically just mud.

At the bottom of the hill, a green jeep SUV is attempting to make the climb up. The drivers revs the engine hard, brings the pedal to the metal and drives the vehicle up, but it barely reaches halfway, before losing traction with the soil.

The driver lets the SUV roll back down to the base of the hill and starts over, this time on the other side, where there is some grass and shrubbery left over. We guess he hope they will provide the tires more traction to make the climb. The engine revs again and it looks like he will meet his buddies up top, but… He makes the terrible decision to turn the wheels mid-climb, and gravity does the rest.

The jeep starts tumbling down towards the bottom of the hill. His friends start yelling frantically and run to his aid. The tension is unbearable, until we get a glimpse of the terrible driver coming out from under the ruined car, apparently unscathed.

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