Usual Suspects Interrogated, Only One Is Caught Red Handed

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Published: November 23, 2017

When owner suspected that something fishy was going on in the house she decided to interrogate all the usual suspects. She started off with pooch called Diesel and asked what was going on. The cheerful pooch started wagging his tail and looking at something in the distance, which wasn’t caught on camera. The owner asked if someone was having a problem but Diesel decided to walk away and refused to spill the beans, claiming he doesn’t know a thing!

Next, it was time to question Hugo. When owner asked this canine what has happened, the pooch just stood there, but his naive eyes wandered off to this other dog, who is apparently guilty as hell!

Now camera shows poor Tesla, who is in deep trouble, having his head stuck in a cereal box. Poor thing, he just stands there, having a box for a head, and happily wagging his tail. He is hoping that owner will have mercy and lend a helping hand to stop his misery.

It's usually pretty easy to spot a guilty dog. Some like to chew garbage, others enjoy a nice refreshing shoe. However, this dog likes cereals.

Owner decided it is time for a little tete-a-tete investigation around the usual suspects.
This pup must have been snooping around and got an empty box stuck on his head. Maybe his buddies didn’t tell him off but he was busted and caught red handed by the owner and the whole thing was filmed on camera!

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