Fridge Falls Down The Stairs When Man Left His Friend Hanging

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Published: November 23, 2017

Neighbors in front of a building, women chattering, children running around. Two Russians helping each other to furnish the apartment. Everything seems normal on a regular weekend day… But this is not the case in Russia.

A dozen of women are standing in front of a building somewhere in mother Russia, obviously adorned for some special occasion, maybe a wedding. Talking between them and fixing their updos. At moments it seems like they are waiting for something to happen. And they are right. The thing that is about to happen…

Two guys, one of them really skinny, as it seems, are trying to carry a fridge in one of the building’s apartments. The first stairs seem like a piece of cake and as you watch the video, you say to yourself, yes, they will make it. But, as the scenario is developing, it seems like this is not the ending that we are expecting.

Maybe excitement because of the ladies in front of them, maybe the vodka has done its job, but at the end the skinny guy falls down the stairs.

And, as people say, when friend is in trouble, help him. But, unfortunately the other Russian in the video is not his friend… or maybe the saying has changed its meaning.

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