Contortionist Is So Flexible, She Can Use Her Phone With Her Toes

LPE360Published: November 23, 2017176 plays$0.65 earned
Published: November 23, 2017

Kelly Saabel is a gymnast and contortionist from Milan, Italy, that currently resides in Dusseldorf, Germany. Her speciality are contortions and she does them well!

Kelly is part of the Carl Busch Circus, where her contortions bring wows out of people’s mouths for the past few month. Her resume is rich: Roncalli's Apollo Varieté, Cirkus Dannebrog, Circus Roncalli…

Her flexible joints might be an attraction for the spectators visiting her shows, but they don’t come naturally for the blond woman. She has to practice constantly, by stretching and contorting her body every time she gets a chance.

In this clip, we see Kelly in her performance attire, casually contorting her body on the couch and scrolling through her Instagram feed! Then, a friend sends her a text, asking her to come with for some shopping therapy. Kelly doesn’t come out of her contortion, she just texts with her toes! Not only does she type her text with her toes, but she changes though the menus on the phone and scrolls for emojis!

One press on the send button and she tosses her phone on the back of her neck, wiggles down from the couch and does a little something extra right there, for good measure! Just wow!

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