Elderly Man Juggling A Ball Is Another Proof That Age Is Just A Number

LPE360Published: November 23, 2017807 plays$2.99 earned
Published: November 23, 2017

The new Guinness world record for juggling with a soccer ball with his feet was set by a young Iranian footballer. The bid lasted for 30 hours straight.

However, the attempt of our white-bearded hero will forever keep the record in our hearts. Advanced in age, with a long white beard and unruly hair, dressed in a full suit with proper shoes on, he does not give off the impression of a sporting type. What we always must keep in mind is that one must never judge by appearance, unless we are up for a surprise.

‘Uncle’, as our camera people deem him in this short video, presented us with exactly that. They, were clearly astounded by what he is doing and have started filming much later in the bid. They are counting the times he manages to kick the ball him in disbelief. They even suggest he is play in the national soccer team. Maneuvering passers by and attracting his audience, this older gentleman’s attempt sincerely warmed our hearts and imbued us with optimism.

At the end, he was not very happy with his achievement: he only managed to pull off 120 kicks, although, as he claims he, his personal record used to be 550 kicks with nothing other than a basketball!

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