Girl’s Attempt To Cut Her Own Hair Goes Terribly Wrong

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Published: November 23, 2017

Young teenagers often want to experiment with their hairstyles and take brave decisions to cut their hair, making extreme changes with their hairstyle and color. That being said, unless they took some classes, most often they don’t end up having the same hairstyle they went for and the outcome is astonishing! This poor girl tried to make such tutorial, but things went terribly wrong.

Getting a haircut is very easy, you only need to sit back and relax while the hairstylist works its magic. Of course, the aftermath leaves you very excited especially if the hairstylist is a pro and passes with flying colors giving you a celebrity hairstyle. It is both funny and sad watching this girl make a home video tutorial for “how to cut your hair” which ends up as complete failure after she doesn’t give herself a smooth haircut.

At the beginning of this video, the girl didn’t even consider that things might go wrong, and she didn’t carefully proceed the fact that there is no going back once the hair is cut!

When the one side of the hair is cut, the girl moves to the other side and has them scissors flying as she cuts her hair as if it was a grass. Unsurprisingly, the outcome is a complete disaster, as the hair comes shorter on the one side than it is on the other side. The girl is in shock and has a serious meltdown in front of the camera, before she retreats and sheds them tears in private! We feel for her!

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