Mini Cow Hits Human Between The Legs, Luckily It's A Woman

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Published: November 23, 2017

They are half the size of a regular cow but have all the same features. Breeding miniature cows is slowly becoming a trend. In this video we see a playful, fluffy cow teasing a woman. Watch as the cheeky miniature cow goes underneath woman’s legs and hits her gentle areas with its head. Luckily she is a female and not a male, because boy would that hurt!

The adorable mini bull loves to run around in open spaces, and even plays like a little puppy! Video shows this mini creature in the act of playing with its human buddy. Watch as this tiny creature engages in severe play mood by going underneath woman’s legs. It is too funny to watch as this cow tries to raise the woman using her head and an upward movement. For a moment, it appears like the woman is riding the cow. Hilarious!

Watching these two play, we can conclude that animals and human are very alike when it comes to playing. Watching this cute cow go underneath woman’s legs and rising her shortly in the air, makes it look like this woman is riding the mini cow. The entire performance is hilarious!

Miniature cattle are found in various parts of the world. Some are traditional breeds and others have been created by selective breeding. It is surprising that some, but not all, miniature breeds display dwarfism.

Compared to larger cattle, miniature cattle require less space and less feed, and may be easier to handle. They do less damage to pasture land, do not need such high or strong fencing, and do not produce as much methane.

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