Adventurous Downhill Biker Gets Stuck Between Two Trees

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Published: November 23, 2017

Trees seem so innocent when they are just sitting there minding there own business. Have you ever seen one jump out at you into your current path? It seems like this biker found himself in that kind of scenario.

Honestly of all the ways to crash your bike the tree hit is potentially the most painful. Trees are big and solid. Bikers know that crashing can happen to everyone, so they tend to ride their bikes with caution and wearing all the necessary equipment.

Watch as this biker takes a steep ride downhill when he accidently hits a tree. This mountain biker was following a mountain trail for mere seconds before catching an edge in the dirt and accidentally crashing right into a tree.

While following the trail, this mountain biker found himself going way too fast and accidentally crashed into two trees on the side of the trail, getting his bike stuck in between. He lost control of his bike and crushed into the three. Luckily the crush didn’t send him flying!

When we see this bicycle rider leisurely weaving in and out of the trees after gains speed going downhill, we could only imagine how dreadful that moment must have felt. The camera mounted on this biker’s helmet captures the inglorious moment on tape and clearly shows the terrifying moment when this biker winds up catching his bike on a log and launching his bike in between two trees.

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