Adventurous Biker Jumps And Accidentally Lands On Truck Hood

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Published: November 23, 2017

There are thrill-seekers everywhere you look, even directly above this road. A man riding a bike speeds up and flies over a hill, only to crash against a car that was passing by. Watch as the 100 ft dirt biker jumped and landed onto ta truck during a free ride motocross session.

A video has emerged of a dirt bike rider jumping over the hill and into the oncoming traffic. In addition, an unsuspecting truck was passing by the dirt road, when suddenly a dirt biker came out of nowhere and hit truck’s hood, leaving the passengers dazzled and confused by the unfortunate surprise.

Watch as this daredevil jumps and lands right on the hood, hopefully not injuring himself too much. As the man came flying out of the blue, the driver immediately stopped the vehicle and was surprised by this unusual visiter This is something you don’t see very often! Maybe the jumper planned to jump across the road, but something went terribly wrong and he hit the oncoming traffic.

However, the first jumper is nowhere to be seen, we guess he managed to jump and miss the oncoming truck. The second jumper wasn’t that fortunate and landed right onto the truck. Due to the lack of communication between the boys, nobody saw the truck coming until the second jumper was airborne and landed on the hood.

Let’s hope that this unfortunate jumper is safe and sound after his inglorious stunt. Fortunately, he will be more careful the next time he goes flying over oncoming traffic!

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