Incredibly Fit Girl Leaves Crowd In Awe As She Flaunts Her Muscles

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Published: November 23, 2017

A curious video has emerged of a strong gymnast girl lifting an axle barbell made of sand. Watch as this fit girl flaunts her muscles and awes the audience.

The deadlift is a strength exercise which works your back, glutes, and hamstrings amongst other minor muscles. Lifting on an axle bar is actually thicker than your regular powerlifting or weightlifting bar. Basically, the impressive thing about this lift isn’t the weight that’s being lifted off the ground but it is the style in which the bar is held.

This compound exercise works many body parts, both in your upper and lower body. Due to the nature of the exercise, good form is imperative to avoid injuries. The most common version of the deadlift is the Romanian Barbell Deadlift.

Footage shows a fit girl standing on a beach in her perfect beach body, performing an axle barbell deadlift. Who would have thought that such a tiny girl can perform a strongman exercise.

In order to perform the axle barbell deadlift right, make sure you have lots of space and place the barbell on the ground in front of you, adding plates to both sides which are both physically the same size.

One of the movements that come in handy with an axle is clean and press. The axle is typically taken from the floor with a standard clean, or the athlete will perform what is known as the continental clean. By doing these, the absolute load that an athlete will use on the axle will be dictated by one’s grip strength. Physics in action!

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      Lobo21nyy · 33 weeks ago

      And this video shows no deadlifting. What is shown is a hang clean and jerk.

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      Phal · 32 weeks ago

      Strong girl

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      boomerangsbyVic · 32 weeks ago

      LOL two guys in the background were like WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!