Scorned Woman Repays Cheating Boyfriend In The Pettiest Possible Way

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Published: November 23, 2017

They say “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". Well, gents, this is what people mean when they say that!

Some women like to drown their post-breakup sorrows in a tub of ice-cream, Bridget Jones-style. Others prefer this method, the cruel punishment when there’s no way out - spray paint that SOB’s car for the whole world to see!

One woman managed to find her <a href="" target="_blank">cheating boyfriend’s</a> car outside one of the luxury department stores Harrods in England. The gorgeous white Range Rover Revere, with a starting price of £75,000, got donned with fresh red paint, saying “Cheater", “It’s over" and “Hope she was worth it". Ouch!

Twitter went nuts over this crazy woman, saying how no one was able to catch her; she just appeared, did her art and left. According to the MailOnline, a male wearing a white T-shirt and sunglasses was spotted jumping into the car and driving off without saying anything.

But as all juicy gossip pieces go these days, even this one was too good to be true, when it later transpired to be just a very elaborate PR stunt. Andrew Bloch, managing director of Frank PR, tweeted to say the car was part of a PR stunt to promote Bravo show 'Girlfriends Guide To Divorce'. It certainly caught our attention.

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