Seniors Try To Outsmart The Escalator By Going Up The Down Staircase

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Published: November 23, 2017

In Poland two old guys fail going the wrong way up an escalator.
On September 25th, at the opening of the shopping center Succession at Politechnika Street in Łódź, one fast-food chain announced the promotion “free burgers for the first 100 customers”. Numerous people engaged into a chase for this inglorious free sandwich was much higher than restaurateurs anticipated. In order to make in the first hundred people to claim their burger, these senior citizens ran head over hills. Unfortunately, in the wrong direction!

Namely, these two tried to shorten their way to the burger and tried to cut to the chase by running up the escalator that is going down, but actually trying to get up. These two elderly men put some serious effort to overcome force of the escalator but that ended in complete fail. These adorable gentlemen lost balance a few times while climbing, but in the end managed to run up to the top. The crowd that was gathered at the entrance rewarded their tiresome efforts with a thunderous applause.

Watch these two brave, elderly men attempt to run the wrong way up an escalator. An awkward video has captured the moment when these two tried venturing uphill on the moving walkway.
At first sight, one would think that these two have mistaken their way and are unaware that they are stagnating and moving down and up at the same time. However, that was not the case! The men had a game plan and that was to rush their way in, by breaking the law of gravity, and trying to outsmart the elevator, making them look like they are using it as a treadmill! For some people, there is nothing they won’t do for a good burger!

Hopefully, these two elderly Polish men managed to win the battle against the escalator, and became accidental internet stars in their native country after a video of their struggle to get free food went viral. Hilarious!

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