Man Has A Brush With Death After Jumping In Front Of A Speeding Train

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Published: November 23, 2017

This footage shows the reckless moment when a daredevil man rushes in and jumps in front of a moving train in a desperate and utterly reckless attempt to get across the street. Obviously, this man had a death wish!

An unidentified man can be seen standing on the opposite side of the street when the ramps signalizing that a train is approaching are pulled down. Moments later, the man starts moving slowly through the rails, risking his life as he rushes to cross the street before hurling himself in front of the moving train. It is a miracle that this man stayed alive after his close encounter with the speeding train.

The moving locomotive was only seconds away from crushing the man to death. This shocking footage clearly shows the utter stupidity of a man jumping in front of the train and we are absolutely dismayed to see people who are willing to risk their lives for the sake of a few seconds rather than waiting for the train to pass. We cannot emphasise enough the dangers associated with this type of stupid behaviour, it is simply not worth it!

It is a miracle that the man was not injured but was obviously left shaken. Moments later, as the train goes by, the man is seen standing up and walking away from the rails. What a fool!

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