This Train Plowing Snow On The Tracks Is Mesmerizing

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Published: November 23, 2017

Trains are massive beasts and there is no way of stopping them. So we think it is pretty safe to say that, no matter the strength of the blizzard that has been plying those sheets of snow the previous night, then a trains need to pass by, nothing can stand in its way and that includes frozen piles of snow.

Speedy, fearless, but frightening, wandering careless through white flurry. It is almost intimidating to watch these amazingly weird trains, such monsters carving their roads in the snow banks…

A man managed to record a train with a snow plow attached riding along some tracks in Illinois and we can’t stop watching the footage! Even before you can see this train, you can spot the giant cloud of snow it creates. This train isn't sneaking up on anybody.

As the train passes, the curves on the plow in front of it toss the snow into two perfect arches on both sides of the tracks, like wings on an angel gracing us with his presence this beautiful day! The sparkle that shimmers into the air from those frozen water particles makes for an even more mesmerizing experience and we can watch this clip forever!

So this is what it looks like when train and snow meet...

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