Wedding Balloons Hit Power Lines And Trigger Explosion

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Published: November 23, 2017

There are lots of ways weddings can go wrong, and most couples expect the unexpected on this big day. However, we are pretty sure that no bride in history has ever worried about exploding balloons whatsoever.

While the beautiful bride and groom stood outside near a pond having a photoshoot the most unexpected thing happened. The weather outside was windy and they were struggling to hold onto the two red heart-shaped balloons they had in their hands. Moments later when it was time for them to let go of the balloons they watched them fly off in the cloudy skies for several seconds before they witnessed a mind-blowing explosion.

Watch as the bride and groom release heart balloons into the air, but they have an inglorious turn and head directly for the near power lines. Immediately after they hit the lines, they explode.

Since the balloons were over filled with hydrogen, the flame quickly made the balloons explode, sending fire into the skies and leaving newlyweds astonished!

Even though everyone was incredibly shaken up, nobody was hurt in this extremely dangerous blast. We're pretty sure the bride wishes she had said 'I do' to some different set of balloons, though perhaps this is a sign that their union is a mismatch. Watching them hearts burst in flames is something that raises many questions and is not really a perfects start of a marriage.

Video footage has been released of two heart-shaped balloon bursting into flames when they hit power lines during a wedding photoshoot when an unexpected electrical surge is heard and a fireball erupts in the sky!

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