Colombian Woman Freaks Out While Riding In The Cable Car

LPE360Published: November 23, 2017339 plays$1.20 earned
Published: November 23, 2017

Hilarious footage shows terrified elderly woman screaming and crying as she rides in the downward cable car with her family. Maybe she is claustrophobic or she is simply afraid of heights, however, her reaction is hilarious!

The video features a scared lady acting all crazy during a cable car ride. She is caught on camera, freaking out, terrified by the gondola lift. Her family is obviously teasing her and making her fear even more realistic, as the man sitting next to her, stands in the car and starts swinging it. She's apparently afraid of heights and cannot help but experiencing a panic attack.

This hilarious footage is both funny and sad, as the elderly woman is scared to death. Watch as she holds onto the car with both of her hands and doesn’t move a muscle. We are wondering how her family convinced her woman to get into the cable car in the first place. Did they tell her that it is going to be a smooth ride.

This poor woman is seriously struggling to keep it together. She can be heard screaming, growling and also what seems to be cursing. It is obvious that she doesn’t enjoy the ride and is urged to get out of the cabin half-way, while the rest of her family stays onboard and continues downhill.

What was she thinking when she got into the cable car? Is this her first riding experience? Nonetheless, her reaction is beyond hilarious!

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