Bunch Of Kids Break Diving Board After Jumping From It Too Many Times

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Published: November 23, 2017

Summer time is the time to be silly. First of all, no school, so a separate “YAY!” for that. But the weather is nicer, clothes are lighter, the sun shines warmer and everyone seems happier, don’t you think?

Lucky for us, avid users of the interwebs, summer is also ripe time for the best fail videos out there! Warmth makes things expand, so probably some people’s brains expand in their heads too much. That causes pressure on the brain, and the brain is a very fragile thing! If it can’t function properly, it might make you very stupid things, like force a bunch of your friends to climb with you on top of an also very fragile-looking DECORATIVE diving board and jump off it.

Thank goodness for smartphones, because if they weren’t here, who knows how we could have captured these hilarious situations?

A bunch of kids decided it might be very awesome to film a clip of them, jumping consecutively into a pool from that looks like a plaster diving platform. One by one, these dudes make their jump in the pool, each screaming at the top of their lungs, probably thinking how awesome they are…

Little did they know that with each jump they so successfully performed, the platform was giving in, bit by bit. By the time the fifth idiot gets to jump, the plaster turns into dust right beneath his feet. Oh, how they have fallen...literally!

If this fail video wasn’t enough, then definitely check out this compilation of best fails. It is all you need for a hilarious start of the week.

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