Dirt Biker Crashes Into Crowd After A Spectacular Jump

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Published: November 23, 2017

André Villa is known on the international FMX scene as a man with bags of style and an even bigger bag of tricks. He left his motocross career behind in 2000 after suffering numerous injuries and turned semi-pro in freestyle skiing before later returning to the bike in 2003 and dedicating his life to FMX.

The 37-year-old extreme athlete moved from native Norway to Spain, to build what is arguably the best FMX park in Europe. He broke both his legs 2008, when he had to discard his bike after a failed jump during a competition in Poland. Three years later he broke his hip bone during training, again in Poland.

His sport of choice isn’t without it’s consequences, but that doesn’t mean that every mishap should end in injury. During the 2010 X-Games in Battersea Power Station, London, André lost control of his bike during one of the jumps, taking a free dive into the panicked spectators below.

The crash happened as André, performing spectacular jumps across the course in Wandsworth, misjudged his takeoff at one of the ascents. He discards his bike off to the side and away from the spectators, while twisting his body so that the armor on his suit may cushion his fall.

The rider looked like he could have suffered a major injury after flying 20 feet into the air before landing. But after cushioning his fall he escaped unscathed – along with the panicked crowd.

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