Guy Pretends To Surf On Rooftop, Makes A Fool Of Himself

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Published: November 23, 2017

Deny it all you want, we know how much you love fail videos. Anything from a DIY gone wrong, a cat miscalculating the distance to jump, a dog falling through snow or just kids being kids, fail videos are what make any day better by making us laugh until we can’t breathe anymore!

Have you ever asked yourself, why do we have so many fail videos to watch online? The abundance of clips where people make complete asses of themselves is astounding! Do they do it on purpose to achieve their five minutes of fame? Or are there people on this planet with such acute sense of viral content, that they just whip out their camera phones and start filming at the exact moment when their buddies fall through rooftops or off hammocks? There is no way of knowing, so we better just enjoy them.

This guy is pretending to be some hot-shot heʻe nalu, propped up on a rooftop with his surfboard. He rides those shingles like they are the meanest waves on some beach in Maui, cigarette in hand, while his buddy encourages him from ground level. Smart buddy, this one.

His friend’s encouragements give our rooftop surfer extra drive to whip that board, but the way it moves gives every trained eye a hint that something embarrassing is bound to happen any second now.

And sure enough, it happens. The dude loses balance on the roof and falls smack down on the ground, but not before falling straight through that same roof that he rode on. Aw man!

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