Meet Five-Year-Old Sophie Who Sings With The Voice Of An Angel

NewsflarePublished: November 23, 20176,730 views
Published: November 23, 2017

There's something about little children singing with all their might that touches a special place in our heart. Meet little Sophie Fatu and be amazed as she pulls an amazing vibranto, by flexing her voice with amazing talent beyond her age! This video was recorded on November 22 by mom Victoria at their home in Charleston, West Virginia. Who else could listen to this little cutie all day?

It is amazing how this five-year-old can flex a strong vibrato with such an ease! Watch as this talented girl performs for her mother, with her cute, red dress and braided hair. Her shiny eyes are playful and dance with curiosity. Sophie is one sweet little girl who is very talented. Not only can she sing, but she also makes the cutest faces ever. This adorable singer will instantly melt your heart!

Throughout the performance, little Sophie shows great confidence and belts out a timeless tune, fearlessly flaunting her vibrato voice! It is obvious that Sophie loves singing, as her voice gets more power with each and every note. She starts expressing the emotion of the song with eyes and is adorable to watch!

It’s not always a case these days for young kids to be singing with so much emotion. Watching her perform made us shiver with astonishment because she is simply amazing!

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