Teacher Breaks Violin As April Fool’s Prank And Scares Students

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Published: November 23, 2017

We have all seen April Fool’s pranks. Some are funny, some are silly, and some are downright frightening. An April Fool’s prank is something we would expect to see students play on their teachers. Not the other way around. However, this teacher found a perfect way to play his students in the most unexpected manner!

After a quick rehearsal, orchestra teacher yells at student to stop talking. He grabs his violin, throws it against the wall, and snaps the student's bow like a toothpick. The room becomes dead silent, not a peep from the strings section, no hair dares touch a note. Hilarious!

Watch the video as this teacher is acting all normal during the rehearsal in the music class as usual, when suddenly he becomes agitated and yells at the students to stop talking. He pulls a realistic joke on them when he snatches the violin of the student sitting in the first row and smashes it on the floor, followed by breaking the bow over his knee and crosses his arms, staring angry at the student and leaving students scared and astonished by his out of the blue reaction.

“Oh my gosh!” the kid cries to which his teacher responds “Do you know what day it is?”
“It’s April Fool’s!” He leaps up and high fives his teacher and the entire classroom rejoices thereafter. We hope the violin was only a prop and this crazy teacher wasn’t suspended!

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