Check Out This Compilation Of Winter's Weirdest Moments

StoryfulPublished: November 23, 2017823 views
Published: November 23, 2017

We are well aware that not everyone can love winter. While others prefer the cold over the scorching summer heat, there are those who look forward to the winter wonderland that snow creates. What’s not to love?

But the cold, hard truth is the freezing temperatures and lack of sunlight can really make people do some strange things. We are not talking about gloomy thoughts and the lack of will to leave the house, no. We are talking about the adventures that people like to take up on the middle of winter. Just because it is not summer, does not mean that they can’t just pull up their Speedos and go wrestling on a chunk of ice in the middle of a lake!

From tall snowmen to ice baths with vodka, winter can definitely bring out the weirder side of society! So Storyful have put together this chilly compilation to warm you up this winter. Grab your shovels and get in the snow, folks!

We can’t decide which is our favorite. Is it the Frankenstein’s monster of a car, made up of two fully functional Volkswagen Jetta fronts welded together to make the ultimate vehicle that will take you nowhere fast! Or is it the dude on a unicycle, wearing a Darth Vader mask and playing the Imperial March on a bagpipe. Decisions, decisions….

Still, we have to make note of the two brilliant young men, who thought they could run across ice on a frozen pool. [in a British accent] Bravo, chaps, well done!

Credit: Various via Storyful

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