Prominent Member of Idlib Civil Defense Shot and Killed

StoryfulNews Published November 23, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble Wael al-Omar, a prominent member of the Syrian Civil Defense in Idlib province, was shot and killed by “unknown persons” on November 22, the group said in a statement posted to Facebook. Al-Omar was shot near Marrat Misrin in the north of Idlib province, local media said. The Idlib branch of the Civil Defense said al-Omar had run its “awareness” office in the region. He also worked with children with special needs. This video shows the funeral of al-Omar in his hometown, Kafr Nabl. The Syrian Civil Defense representative speaking in the video, Abdul Taweel, says that al-Omar was one of the co-founders of the Syrian Civil Defense in Idlib. Credit: YouTube/Smart News via Storyful