Owl Delivers Hogwarts Diploma To Graduate Student Obsessed With Harry Potter

Caters_NewsPublished: November 23, 201773 views
Published: November 23, 2017

This Harry Potter fan was given the surprise of a lifetime after her sister planned for an owl to deliver her a Hogwarts diploma, celebrating her graduating from high school.

This lucky girl, named Faith Ingle, 18, is sitting with her family watching a home video from her 11th birthday party when she was surprised with a Hogwarts acceptance letter for when she started high school. After the video ends, Faith is again surprised by her big sister Sarah, who then reveals an owl to delivers her the Hogwarts diploma.

Loving big sister Sarah, from Englewood, Colorado, planned the surprise for her little sibling in hope to make her graduation party even more memorable because she was obsessed with Harry Potter growing up. Sarah recalls how their childhood involved them doing many Harry Potter related adventures together, such as waiting up all night for every new release.

Faith was instantly hooked after watching the first Harry Potter film and grew up with the books and movies, so her sister was up on a mission to make sure Faith had the most magical Harry Potter childhood memories possible! Talk about sisterhood!

Sarah came out with the idea for the owl and knew that it would be the perfect graduation surprise for her baby sister, and Faith was completely blown away by it This video is the best proof that when you believe hard enough you can make magic happen!

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