Manus Island Refugees Attend to Man Having Seizures During Eviction Raid

StoryfulNews Published November 23, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble A Manus Island refugee who reportedly suffers from epilepsy had a seizure during a Papua New Guinea police operation on November 23. On Thursday morning, when about 50 PNG police and immigration officers stormed the facility and gave the men an ultimatum to leave, News Corp reported. During the operation, one of the men collapsed and had a seizure. In a phone interview, Walid Zazai told Storyful that the epileptic man was recovering after fellow refugees brought him water and massaged his feet. Zazai also said he saw Papua New Guinea guards punch two refugees. “They were destroying refugees’ property,” he said. The video shows the man groaning and having a fit on the floor. The other Manus Island refugees are seen propping him up and splashing water on his face before lying him on the ground. At time of publication, his whereabouts remained unknown following reports of arrests, forced removals and confiscation? of phones by PNG authorities. Credit: Anonymous via Storyful