Refugee Livestreams Police Entering Manus Compound to Remove Men

StoryfulNewsPublished: November 22, 2017
Published: November 22, 2017

A refugee on Manus Island livestreamed a video as Papua New Guinea police on November 23 issued a one-hour ultimatum to leave the former processing centre. “The PNG authorities are trashing the compound,” Zazai says as he tours the footage around the former detention processing centre. The footage shows refugees “sitting peacefully” as police stormed the compound, shouting instructions over loudspeaker. “We will be peaceful until this ends,” Zazai said. Refugees then started chanting, “they want to kill us,” in a later video as tensions flared. It was reported a man with epilepsy had a fit and some men were beaten by police. Credit: Walid Zazai via Storyful

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