Lucky Man Miraculously Escapes Two Accidents Thanks To Guardian Angel

NewsflarePublished: November 22, 2017381,770 views
Published: November 22, 2017

Extraordinary video from China of a man miraculously escaping injury twice just moments apart has taken the Internet by storm. A driver loses control over the wheel and the crazed car came within inches of hitting the man when it sped down the road and brought a lamp post crashing to the ground.

The CCTV footage, captured in Huludao City in northeastern Liaoning Province on November 16, shows a man walking back and forth along a curb and talking on his phone. Suddenly, an out-of-control car comes rushing into the same curb this man is standing on, after completely losing control on the road. Everything happened so fast, the situation changed in split seconds!

Here’s the very fun part about this whole event. First, the unsuspecting man has his back turned to the direction the car is coming from, unaware of what's about to happen next. The car rams into the lamp post where the man is standing, avoiding him but still making him jump his guts out. Obviously the guy is shaken, so he immediately steps out of the way, but is then nearly struck by the falling lamp post. The falling steel tube misses him too, albeit by a whisker. He is one lucky man who takes good care of his guardian angel!

As if saved by a guardian angel, the pedestrian escaped the incident unharmed, though the driver suffered minor injuries. The cause of the crash is under investigation, but the luck this man has will remain a mystery!

Moments like these really makes us think if there really are guardian angels out there, or some people just have really dumb luck!

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