Here's How To Know If Your Pet Is Stressed And How To Prevent It

USATODAY_AnimalkindPublished: November 21, 201710 views
Published: November 21, 2017

It is easy to take our pets for granted, especially their feelings, since they can’t throw vocal temper tantrums and scream at the top of their lungs, like kids do (no, Husky temper tantrums don’t count!). That being said, did you know that there is one surefire way to figure whether your pet is stressed? You pets' poop can tell you a lot about how they're feeling.

Just like us, their human pack members, pets tend to have changes at potty time whenever they feel anxious or stressed. Here are the five things you can do to make your fur-baby’s go-time a little easier:

First of all, you must get acquainted with what’s normal for your pet. Any changes could mean that they are sick or stressed.

If your pet is a rescue, you have to be extra patient with them. Most of the time, they need more time potty training.

When it’s time to change their food for whatever reason, take it slowly. Chances of an accident decrease when you slowly introduce your pet to a new food over the course of about a week.

If your pet’s tummy is already stressed, give it a little boost by introducing probiotics for a couple of days until they become regular in the litter box again.

Always keep your vet up-to-date with any changes. Don’t be embarrassed, they have probably heard AND SEEN it all!

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