Mind blown! Mum, 56, tries VR for first time and it's a horror game

NewsflarePublished: November 21, 2017
Published: November 21, 2017

Hilarious video of woman in her fifties with a headset on trying a virtual reality game for the very first time.

In the video, filmed on November 19, 56-year-old gym manager Julie is wearing a headset and sat in a chair, ready to play VR Worlds for the Playstation while at visiting her son Simon at his flat in Glasgow.

"I can't see my hands,” says Julie, slightly panicked.

"Yeah, because you've got a headset on,” replies Simon.

"Simon this is so scary!” says Julie, who at times is pinned back to her chair with fear.

"You're just in shark tank heading down to the depths of the sea. What could possibly go wrong?" asks Simon mischievously.

Towards the end of the video, Julie asks: "Simon, am I still in your flat?"

"Where's it gone?" asks Julie, talking about the shark. She looks in all directions, trying to locate the shark before screaming loudly.

Simon later wrote online: "My mum came to visit me over the weekend, she has never tried VR before and is of a nervous disposition. She was very nervous about trying it out as she thought I'd try to prank her by putting her in a horror game.

"She plucks up the courage to try it out and is amazed by the first part of the game. Her amazement slowly turns to horror as she is put into a shark cage a dropped into the murky depths. Eventually the cage is attacked by a shark and she screams so loud I thought the neighbours would call the police to report a murder!"


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