Dog And Orphaned Fawn Strike Up Unlikely Friendship

StoryfulPublished: November 21, 20177,467 views
Published: November 21, 2017

There's nothing better than watching animal friends play together, especially when it’s a pair of unlikely friends.

When Dixie’s owner Kate Dupnik adopted an orphaned fawn, the two animals soon became an unlikely duo. Kate described them as “the best of friends" and this video perfectly captured that special relationship as the two huddled up close to engage in some mutual grooming.

Now it seems that Rio the <a href="" target="_blank">fawn</a> thinks he is a dog as well, seeing how he licks his canine friend Dixie while they cuddle up in their backyard in Utopia, Texas.

Kate recorded this heart melting footage while feeding Rio, when Dixie approached them and wanted in on the action. The fawn then snuggled up to the dog, licking her neck just like a dog would. Later Dixie returned the favor, licking her adopted brother’s ear with enthusiasm.

The unlikely duo even has matching red collars around their furry, brown necks and are clearly very comfortable in each other’s company.

There are so many other similar stories out there, just like the one when a Retriever <a href="" target="_blank">rescued a baby deer from drowning</a>! Mark Freeley was walking his English Golden Retriever Storm along the Long Island Sound, when the brave dog spotted the baby animal fighting against the water for some air. Without a second thought, Storm jumped into the water and started swimming in the direction of the fawn, got ahold of it by the neck and swam with it to shore.

Credit: Kate Dupnik via Storyful

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