Toddler Brings Supermarket To A Standstill With Adorable Dance Moves

Newsflare Published November 21, 2017 2,557,927 Plays

Rumble When you have talent, age doesn’t matter. Whether you are four or 44, it’s your talent and decisiveness that determine your future path and career. This little girl from the Philippines has both. She has no shame or fear from the audience as she walks through the crowd gathered in the market.

Four-year-old Andrea Hinay was visiting the mall with her mother Aprilyn, 27, when a checkout assistant challenged the toddler to dance for them. This show-stopping toddler didn’t need much time to bring the supermarket to a standstill as she strutted her adorable dance moves. Show-off Andrea wasted no time in using the shopping aisle as a catwalk while proudly telling everyone her name and where she’s from.

In this heart-warming footage, the young girl then showed off her impressive dance moves as onlookers stopped their duties to clap a beat for her at the store in Davao del Norte, the Philippines.

Mimicking the style of beauty pageants, Andrea says in the video: "Hi everyone, my name is Andrea Uniz Hinay. I'm found years old, performing live!" What an adorable little girl!

Proud mom Aprilyn who recorded her daughter, said: "Our whole family is really proud of her. She's sassy and has God-given talent which makes other people happy. She just loves showing off her dance moves. Some of the comments in her video have really made our hearts flutter."

There is no age for ability. You can be a baby who has the amazing capacity to shake a leg to your favorite jam, or a full-developed grown-up with a voice that can prevail upon even the hardest commentator. The fact of the matter is that it's never past the point of no return, or ahead of schedule, to understand your potential and what your gifts have in store. In the amazing video, this girl has amazing dancing skills!

We believe it's sheltered to state that Andrea has a splendid future in dancing and entertainment, in front of her. She knows how to connect with a group, and she has all the stage nearness to be fruitful!

The dance is like the air because it doesn’t have direction, when you start to move you don’t have direction also of your movements you just want to express with your hands, with your body, with your kind of music that you dance. The dance has movements, rhythm, motivation, dreams, and everything is in one word “Dance” that born of your body and it doesn’t want to stop is for this reason that we never forget the dream we want to achieve. This little girl will follow the dream she wants to achieve, and we assure you that she will go big! No borders for this girl, nothing can stop her as you can see the passion in her for dancing and for entertainment!

Well, Andrea, you sure won our hearts. If you continue like this, definitely the fashion world will hear about you very soon! Comment below what do you think about this adorable girl!