Workers Solve Parking Problem By Moving Car With A Forklift Truck

Caters_NewsPublished: November 21, 201734,712 views
Published: November 21, 2017

A driver who blocked someone’s garage entrance with their thoughtless parking was given a harsh lesson when a forklift truck picked up their vehicle and moved it across the street.

Mechanic Raja Rahim who works nearby spotted the inappropriately parked vehicle and decided to film as the two men got to work.

Hilarious footage shows a forklift picking up the grey Toyota. Instead of waiting for the owner, the 40-year-old was stunned how this duo 'solved' the problem by picking up the Toyota Yaris and neatly positioning it into a vacant space on the opposite side of the street.

Raja admits that this intervention was probably for the best since the vehicle was blocking the garage entrance. However, he didn't stay long enough to see the reaction of the owner when noticing the car was mysteriously moved.

Some guy asked Raja if the car was his and when he said it wasn't, some other guy came with a forklift from the other entrance, picked the car up and placed it over on the other side. Raja found this hilarious! He thinks that the commuter may have been attempting to dodge parking fares in Birmingham city centre.

We believe that after this lesson, the thoughtless parker will stop dumping their car, and will think twice before inappropriately blocking someone else’s garage entrance.

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      Tanzer26 · 27 weeks ago

      I'd have moved it. But they were kinder than I might be about where they placed it.