Footage Shows Ongoing Construction at West Lorengau Refugee Housing Despite Government Claims Facility is Ready

StoryfulNewsPublished: November 20, 2017
Published: November 20, 2017

Despite assurances alternative accommodation for refugees inside the former Manus Island detention centre was ready, footage taken from inside the West Lorengau facility on November 17 showed ongoing construction. The Manus Island Regional Processing Centre was officially closed on October 31. At time of publication, around 400 men were refusing to leave the compound, citing security concerns at the transit centres. The Australian government has repeatedly insisted transit facilities for men who were at the former detention centre was operational, with Immigration Minister Peter Dutton dismissing reports from independent United Nations observers contradicting his department’s claims. However, more footage and photos from refugees and news outlets show substantial sections of the transit facilities were incomplete. Drone footage taken by SBS News showed a “largely barren site” at West Lorengau. News Corp published photos on November 8 showing incomplete sewage works. Storyful was shown videos of sinks without running water and toilets not flushing. Manus Province Police Commander David Yapu told SBS News the disputed site has power and water connected, but the security fencing was not complete. Credit: Anonymous via Storyful

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