Man falls into raging river in failed attempt to rescue woman

Newsflare Published November 20, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble Dramatic footage from Colombia of a man falling into a river while trying to rescue a woman who got dragged by raging currents while swimming.

The video, captured on November 19 in the Guatapuri River, which flows by the northern city of Valledupar, shows the woman struggling to hold on to a branch on a tree overhanging the river.

"Oh my god, the branch is going to break," says a witness.

Then a man can be seen climbing down the tree in order to reach the woman.

"Look that man in the tree. What is he trying to do?" says a voice in the video.

"What are you doing man?" questions another bystander.

But under the Good Samaritan's weight the branches give way and he ends up falling in the water as well.

Others are also seen being dragged along in the current.

Both the Good Samaritan and the woman end up being dragged along by the current, out of view.

At the end of the video, cheers can be heard as those in the water appear to have been rescued off-camera.