Pet Parrot Creates Bizarre Shopping List On Owner's Device

Newsflare Published November 20, 2017 776,393 Plays

Rumble - A funny video has emerged of a woman discovering the items her pet parrot has saved in her Echo device shopping list.

The footage is captured on August 26 in West Frankfurt, Illinois, shows the smart Eco device detailing the items Bibi, the African Grey parrot, saved as items to buy.

Bibi’s owner didn’t have a clue that the Echo device was also listening to the parrot talking. It was when Alexa unexpectedly said, 'I'll add that to your shopping list', that the owner decided to see what else was on the shopping list.

Bibi is an 11-year-old African Grey, and she’s used those 11 years to pick up some useful terms. Her owners Greg and Kelly recently learned that she’s been using it in a way they never expected. Apparently, this savvy bird ended up creating quite the shopping list through the family Amazon Echo device.

Watch as the smart Echo device lists all the nineteen items that were apparently saved into the shopping list by the witty pet parrot. When owners discovered what this little rascal was up to, they laughed until tears were streaming down their faces.

Judging by the list Alexa reads out loud, it appears that most, if not all, of the items were added to the shopping list by Bibi the bird. Apparently this clever parrot has figured out how to order his favorite items from Alexa and left owners in hysterics! Hilarious!

The items on the parrot's shopping list discover Bibi’s deepest desires. The list goes like this: poetry, strawberries, strawberries, strawberries, strawberries, strawberry yogurt, easy water, jeans, Harry, big tofu, big, big, red retreat, milk, berry, apple, berry, berry, berries.

Fortunately, the owners have deactivated the automatic-purchase feature on the device, preventing the bird to actually buy the items! It would have been a big surprise if the cheeky parrot had actually figured out how to ship all these items to their home and leave his owners in awe!

African Grey Parrots are notorious for their uncanny mimicking abilities and their cunning. They can boast up to 1,000 words in their vocabulary. In addition, these birds can actually talk and use language in context. That means they don’t randomly spew diction that has nothing to do with the current circumstance. That means they know things!

The African Gray Parrot is a great and exceptionally clever bird. African Gray Parrots require a genuine responsibility and are incredibly good buddies. Any individual who has an African Gray or who has had one will reveal to you that you can't generally consider an African Gray Parrot a pet on the grounds that the benefit of living with one is genuinely an extraordinary and remarkable experience.

These amazing birds are cherishing, energetic, have the knowledge level of up to a five-year-old with the personality of a two-year-old, and bring happiness and laughter into the lives of all who have the pleasure of knowing one. African Grays are known as the "Einstein's" of the parrot world as a result of their amazing talking capacity.


  • CDC821, 48 weeks ago

    Considering you have to say "Alexa, add XXX to my shopping list" for it to add... this seems staged. I doubt the parrot was saying all of that. Source: I literally work for Alexa support.

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    • Mw3k2003, 47 weeks ago

      When I was growing up, I had a friend with a parrot that would mimic the phone ringing & then mimic her mother saying “Corinne, it’s for you”. The parrot would also mimic the younger 2 siblings fighting while they weren’t home. There’s a good chance this parrot said the words needed in the right order if it heard them spoken enough.

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    • Chgonurse, 47 weeks ago

      Thanks, Party pooper. 💩

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    • cjbavaro, 47 weeks ago

      Not necessarily. I haven't Amazon Fire stick and yeah I don't have to say Alexa first on my fire stick. But it could be different for the Amazon Echo.

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  • Chgonurse, 47 weeks ago

    Thanks, party pooper. 💩

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  • gypsymom31259, 47 weeks ago

    I lived in Charlotte NC & the girl across the hall, Donna, had an African Gray named Merlin. I went over one day and rang the bell and "Donna" said "Come In" so I tried the door but it was locked so I said the doors locked and she said OK. I stood there and waited and she didnt come so I knocked and 'Donna' said "Come In" I said I Cant your door is locked! Again, she said OK. It occurred to me that Donna had been going Christmas shopping that day so I looked out the door and her van wasnt there and neither was she. I had been talking to the bird thru the door but he sounded EXACTLY like my friend.

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    • FlashC4, 46 weeks ago

      I had an African Gray that errierly sounded just like my ex wife when he said my name so I know exactly what you are talking about. He also loved to mimic the low battery beep of the smoke detector which had me replacing the batteries several times before I realized that while I was changing the battery I heard “beep”.

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