Mother Pig And Piglets Go Outside For First Time After Being Rescued

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Published: November 19, 2017

Prepare yourself for this absolutely heart-melting video with a very happy ending! And no, we're not overreacting. This adorable video is about a pig mom and her babies being rescued from slaughter and set free. These are their first moments of freedom, and when you see them enjoying every minute of it, you might wanna grab some tissues.

These precious piglets can not be happier as they run around the field completely ecstatic to be free! We couldn't help but smile at the sight of their happiness, and yes, we couldn't help but admire the cause of the rescuers who took these adorable creatures to safety and gave them a second chance at life.

As all of them are set to run outside in the field, one of the piglets stops for a while to cuddle with the reporter, and it's beyond adorable! It's a clear way of saying "thank you"! Pigs are such lovely creatures! And if you thought it can't get any cuter, just watch what happens when their mom starts running with joy! She's overwhelmed with excitement and she's not hiding that! She keeps running up and forth the field, as if she has no idea what to do and where to go! But all the while she keeps an eye on her babies, and they on the other hand keep chasing her. Too cute for words! This lovely little family finally enjoys every minute of their freedom, and we could watch this all day. We're more than sure you'll do that too!

What an amazing moment! For more videos and photos of their amazing journey to safety check out

Credit to 'Viva UK'.

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