Boy Learns Why You Shouldn't Try The Toilets In The Showroom

Caters_NewsPublished: November 17, 2017
Published: November 17, 2017

They say “curiosity killed the cat". Well, it definitely taught this boy a very useful lesson in the most humiliating way in the era of Internet. A six-year-old boy got stuck in a display showroom toilet - as his parents tried to stifle their giggles.

Karen Westmorland shared this footage of her son Alfie getting <a href="" target="_blank">stuck into a toilet</a> out for display - bringing a whole new meaning to the expression “toilet trouble". The family had been out shopping for a new suite, along with dad Marcus and Alfie’s baby brother Felix.

Before you rain down on the mom, you should know that both parents tried their hardest to wiggle the boy out of his <a href="" target="_blank">trap</a>. But the kid kept saying he is in pain from the pulling and tugging, so Karen gave up and whipped out her phone, to record the whole ordeal for future educational purposes.

In the footage, the kid tries to show in how much angst he is in, while laughing for the miserable situation he has found himself. Dad Marcus tries his best to stifle his laughter, but the poor man can’t help it - it is truly hilarious! Meanwhile, the poor boy can be heard saying 'I want to get out' and 'you killed me' before he manages to free himself.

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