Ancient 'Mungo Man' Returns to Burial Place 40,000 Years After His Death

StoryfulNewsPublished: November 17, 2017
Published: November 17, 2017

The human remains that helped scientists determine how long Aboriginal Australians had been living on the continent were returned to where they were first unearthed in the Mungo National Park on Friday, November 17. Known as ‘Mungo Man’, the remains were discovered 43 years ago and were instrumental to arhceologists researching human history in Australia, but their removal caused pain to the traditional owners of the land where he was found, the ABC reported. Aged about 50 when he died, ‘Mungo Man’ lived about 42,000 years ago and was buried with great respect, suggesting he was a person of importance, according to Mungo National Park. Credit: Twitter/Stephen Fitzpatrick via Storyful

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