Australia's Oldest Human Remains 'Mungo Man' Returns to Ancestral Home

StoryfulNewsPublished: November 16, 2017
Published: November 16, 2017

Australia’s oldest human remains were relinquished by scientists in Canberra and on Wednesday, November 15, began a journey to where they were discovered in Lake Mungo, New South Wales. “Mungo Man,” deemed the first known Australian, died more than 40,000 years ago and is an evidence of Aboriginals’ long residence in Australia. The remains were discovered more than 40 years ago and their removal caused distress to traditional owners of the Lake Mungo region, SBS reported. “Mungo Man” and around 100 other remains were due to be received and buried by their descendants, the Mutti Mutti, Paakantyi and Ngyampaa people, on Friday, November 17, The Conversation reported. Traditioanl ceremonies would be performed for the occasion. Credit: Facebook/Ellie Gilbert via Storyful

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