Baby Hippo Is The Crowned Prince Of San Diego Zoo

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Published: November 16, 2017

If you love animals you will be delighted by this video featuring a baby hippo calf named Tony who lives in the San Diego Zoo. The river hippopotamus was born at the San Diego Zoo in September and has already gained popularity body gliding through the water.

His wrinkly baby face make this boy fan-favorite at the zoo. He and his mom Funani go body gliding and entertain guests. He can often be spotted paddling around the 150,000-gallon pool in his enclosure or sunning himself on the beach nearby. His mom Fiona had a scary start as a premature calf, but luckily Tony has been healthy since day one. Tony is Funani’s 12th healthy calf, making this hippo mom an expert baby raiser.

Jennifer Chapman, senior keeper at the zoo says that Tony is fearless, and has big personality. He has a bright future ahead of him and he is very popular too. This sweet baby hippopotamus is the adorable crowned prince of the zoo. His mother and father, Funani and Otis love him very dearly.

Tony is an important contribution to his threatened species and from San Diego Zoo expect more great things ahead for Tony as he continues to grow and gets acquainted with his zoo family and fans.

Credit to 'San Diego Zoo'.

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