Killer Whale Spins Like Record Mimicking Boy’s Movements

NewsflarePublished: November 16, 2017668 views
Published: November 16, 2017

Footage has emerged of a killer whale mimicking the movements of a child at San Diego Zoo. This video was captured on November 12 and shows a boy spinning round and round in circles. Moments later, the killer whale starts mimicking the boy's movements, and goes for a spin. Have you ever seen a killer whale spinning round in circles, copying a human?

This boy was up for an up-close tour with the killer whales because they are his favourite sea animals and he sure got very surprised when the whale put the copycat mode on, and started imitating his moves.

It is adorable to watch the huge mammal interact with the little boy and act on command in order to receive a treat. This killer whale eats about 140 pounds a day i.e. six of these metal buckets. The employee controls the movements of the whale, as he tells the boy to start spinning around in circles, after which the whale also stops spinning. The man also signalizes the whale that it is time to stop spinning by banging on the glass. The smart whale reads the signal and does like he is told. After which he gets his favorite treat, meat from the metal bucket.


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