Boy Is Surprised With Adoption In The Most Magical Way

USATODAY_HumankindPublished: November 16, 2017250 views
Published: November 16, 2017

A boy was presented with the most magical surprise of them all at Disney World, when he was presented with the news that his step-dad will adopt him and give him his last name!

John Marcus was with sister Ellora to greet Jack and Sally, characters from his favorite movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, when his mom gave him a badge to read out loud. The badge said “I am celebrating my step-dad <a href="" target="_blank">adopting</a> me".

It was John Marcus’s dream for a very long time. Normally, the 10-year-old was moved to tears, as he was hugging everyone around him.

His step-dad Ryan Patterson, from Brantford, Ontario, Canada, filmed the video of his <a href="" target="_blank">step-son’s</a> reaction after planning the special moment. He said: “John Marcus mentioned to us that he really wanted to be a Patterson, as his last name was Costa and he felt left out.

“We thought it would be a magical idea to surprise him during our Disney trip, and we decided to do it with Jack and Sally as they’re from his favourite film The Nightmare before Christmas.

The moment was so moving, that even other people waiting in line to meet Jack and Sally were crying! Truly magical.

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